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Christine's Class

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Welcome to Christine’s Classroom

Our room is filled with fun and exciting learning. Throughout the day, students are engaged in a variety of experiences that provide an overall enriched learning experience. It could be our  family and Stone Soup theme in November, where the children learn how important it is to work together, be kind to others, and share while making a community soup. Or it could be our Friendship theme week where the children learn how to be a good friend and really learn how to interact together.  Our classroom has a strong pre academic component, encompassing developmentally appropriate methods to teach letters/letter sounds, colors, shapes, mathematical concepts, and beginning reading.  We focus on teaching to multiple learning styles so that every child reaches their fullest potential in our classroom.  This encompasses plenty of movement and sensory experiences while at the same time learning. You could say that we simply make learning fun!

A favorite in our classroom is Lego and dance party Friday! The children look forward to these fun activities all week! Whether the children are practicing their letter sounds and writing their letters, participating in various sensory activities, or engaged in story time, our class is a warm and inviting place to be and we hope you will join us!



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