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Dawn's Class

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Welcome to Dawn’s Classroom

In our classroom, we believe that play is the primary vehicle through which a child's cognitive, physical, social/emotional and language development occurs. The teachers facilitate learning through, mutual respect, acceptance and kindness towards others. Our small classroom "family" is learning skills to communicate with each other through a developmentally appropriate program which promotes success for every child. 


We are experiencing classical Nursery Rhymes with creative group art projects, individual ones, and reciting the rhyme in front of the class. We feel so proud when our friends clap for us.


Fun Friday brings us a nutritious food project for the children to make themselves. These projects are encouraging the children to try fruits and vegetables. We made a "Turkey Apple," that the children assembled using toothpicks and icing glue. We also made a "cornucopia," using an icecream cone to symbolize the horn of plenty. 


We have been involved in friendship games such as People to People, Red Light Green Light, Where's the Turkey?, Red Rover and Follow the Leader.


We are having fun using our imaginations with all kinds of sensory activities, such as "Gack," Kinetic Sand, shaving cream, beans and goop. Through these mediums we are learning to problem solve, cooperate with others and develop a sense of competence.

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